Working with 13U pitchers
January 16, 2012
Baseball Coaches: Proper Baseball Warm-up
March 4, 2012

There are three things you must have as a pitcher to excel in any level.

1) Location (pin point accuracy)

2) Change of Speed

3) Movement (nasty movement)

Your goal as a pitcher is simple really. Keep the hitter of balance.

The only way to accomplish this is change speeds often, keep the ball moving and hit your spots.

How many pitches do you throw? How effective are they?

Is your curveball or changeup average or do they keep hitters on their toes?

There is a significant difference between a good curve and a great one.

Even the best of hitters can’t hit a great curveball, they just make sure they don’t miss a good fastball opportunity.

Do you know what you need to do mechanically to ensure better movement on the ball?

Take advantage of today’s opportunity and master the art of throwing off-speed pitches!

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