Baseball Coaches: Proper Baseball Warm-up

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February 13, 2012
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March 19, 2012

Are you running healthy practices (Warm-ups) for your players?

One of the best ways to help keep your team off the disabled list this season is to take time to warm them all up before any throwing, fielding or hitting happens.

I have to applaud those coaches that really take the time to warm-up their players properly before practices and games.  It makes such a difference in their ability to perform.

When warm-ups are done correctly they can also help build team unity every time they take the field; this includes both practice and games.

I remember in Little League competing against teams that had very organized warm-up routines with a team captain in charge of leading all of the drills and exercises.  It was an eye opener for me at an early age to see how a team unites and can really get into the minds of their competition knowing that they are on the ball ready to play hard.  It’s like they won the game (mentally) before it was played.

For those coaches that are serious about building a healthy workout program for their team this year I recommend our pitching workouts and grips DVD.

You will learn:

How much is too much throwing/ too little throwing for your players

Help pitchers throw effective bullpens

Core specific training for your team

How to keep arms healthy using elastic bands

An excellent in season throwing program. Sunday-Sunday

In this DVD you will also receive the Pitching Grips portion that will help your players:

Avoid arm problems when throwing off-speed pitches

Learn how to throw all pitches using proper mechanics (critical to their success)

The correct position of the wrist when throwing any pitch and much more.

Of course all of this information and more can be found on our best selling DVD pitching series that is the very best value of them all today!

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