Pitching Mechanics eBook
Pitching Mechanics eBook
April 25, 2016
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Core Strength Training for Pitchers eBook

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The step-by-step instructions clearly explain how a pitcher can reach his full throwing potential. Applying these strategies will ensure you increase pitching velocity and gain precise control of each pitch.

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csebkcvrwshdwL A strong core is critical for generating the power necessary to become an explosive and controlled pitcher. A strong core also
allows you to reap the benefits of maintaining proper pitching mechanics and finish the game stronger than you started.


The easy answer is:  Your core is the hub that connects
your entire body’s kinetic chain. So, in order to transfer
energy from the ground to your arm, that energy needs to
transfer through your core; there is no way around it.

Core Pitching Workout Includes:

• 100+ illustrations & explanations of core strength exercises
•  How to prepare your core for the workload pitching requires
•  A beginning (Phase I), Intermediate (Phase II) and advanced (Phase III) core
pitching workout “This program has been carefully created to ensure that
you are addressing all the muscles that work together to stabilize you as an
athlete and pitcher.”
• How to create pitching velocity through proper energy transfer and more!
About Co-Author Keena Schaerrer
Keena is a USA Triathlon Certified Coach and holds additional certifications from National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Certified Personal Trainer. She also holds a degree in
Recreation Management and Health. Keena is the founder and coordinator of the Timp Tri Club, a local triathlon club that has several hundred members. She has also been a coach for Team In Training. Keena has been on several radio shows, in local magazines and has lectured throughout the region on topics regarding triathlon training, fitness and health.

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