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February 28, 2016
Dominate With Proper Pitching Mechanics
March 23, 2016

I’ve worked with thousands of pitchers over that last 15 years. Many have asked in a round about way…. Why do some pitchers dominate while other don’t?
Now that is a loaded question for sure. There are many variables. However, most successful athletes, entrepreneurs and successful business professionals around the world share something in common. They all share these 3 characteristics; some to a higher degree than others.

Clear Vision: They know what they want and why they want it.
Unyielding belief: They Believe that they can attain their goals no matter how big or ridiculous they may sound in the beginning.
Massive Action: They take the right level of action to ensure they get what they’re after

Yes, that does sound simple. but think about those 3 characteristics for a minute. Think of all the successful people you know…Don’t they know what they want? Don’t they have a belief so strong, that no matter how many people think they are crazy or ridiculous in their expectations; they simply don’t care what they think! They have laser focus and take massive action on what they truly believe. Nobody will stop or distract them from accomplishing their goals.

If you’re a pitcher who wants to dominate, you see yourself pitching for a division 1 college or playing professional baseball..listen to this audio and share it with those that have your same vision!

Warning! In your pursuit to greatness you will have naysayers; ignore them.
The majority of professional athletes and successful people around the world have critics; choose not to listen to them.

Enjoy the podcast.

Have a great day

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