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December 7, 2015
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January 6, 2016

This is it!  It shouldn’t be the only time of year that you set targets to improve your pitching.  However, for the majority of people it is.  I hope you’re not one of them.  I hope you set big targets and work your butt of everyday to achieve them.  That’s what it will take to have the year you want to have; that is; if you truly want to be the best!  No time to be average right?

Right now I want you to ask yourself these questions and then put pen to paper (write your answers down).  What kind of pitcher do I want to be this year?  What has to happen in 2016 to make this my best year ever?

Here is an exercise that I would like you to complete (If you have courage to send them to me; I would love to see what you’ve written)  I want to help you make those goals a reality and steer you in the right direction so you maximize your time, talents and energy to get the results you want.

Here is a 5 part exercise that, if done with great intent and daily discipline; will catapult your success this year!

1) What are your top 5 pitching goals for 2016?

i.e. Develop a curveball, Pitching Specific workouts (5 days a week), 10% Body fat, Eat 100% clean, Improve pitching mechanics, Increase velocity (5 MPH)

2) Write down 10 reasons “why” those goals are so important to you

i.e. Have more energy to accomplish all of my goals (nutrition), To be fit to pitch and avoid injury (pitching specific workouts), Increase my chances of winning more games (velocity and movement), Gain respect from coaches and team (goal oriented and completing tasks)

3) Circle your top 5 reasons and use those as fuel everyday

4) Write down EVERYTHING you need to stop doing that is holding you back from getting the results you want.

i.e. Staying up late doing nothing productive, Limited beliefs (thoughts), Procrastination, Hitting Snooze on the alarm,  stop thinking about what others think, stop complaining and get to work.

5) What 2 skills do I need to master this year to dominate on the mound?

Now that you’ve narrowed your focus and know what you want this year, it’s time to get crankin!

The key to your success is creating the right level of action “massive action” to your goals everyday.  You have to develop the consistency and the discipline with your goals to make this year your very best.

“Lack of consistency is the biggest stealer of your dreams, goals, desires and ambitions.”  Peter Voogd

I want to help you dominate 2016; for this reason I created hundreds of instructional videos and baseball pitching articles.  I want to be a resource for you this year.  Be sure to send me your goals for 2016!

Have a great time preparing! Crush it in 2016

Your friendS in Baseball,

The Pitching Academy

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