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March 19, 2016
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April 23, 2016

Are proper pitching mechanics critical to your pitching success?

There are those pitchers who have experienced some success who have mediocre mechanics. However, In the majority of those cases, that success is short lived due to arm problems, lack of velocity at the latter part of the season, control issues, less movement on every pitch and so on….

You want outstanding mechanics to experience long term success. Nobody likes to throw with a sore arm; nor should they.

Throwing properly allows you to throw faster. How? When you are throwing with your entire body, as opposed to relying on your arm for power; you generate more momentum toward the plate. Your legs, hips, core are involved in the process. When they all work together, in proper sequence,;you’ll be amazed at how the ball pops out of your hand.

When you are throwing (feet to fingertips) correctly, you will also improve your accuracy. How? All of your momentum will go where it’s supposed to go. Straight toward the plate. There will be no wasted movements. When you have pin point control with all of your pitches and know how to spot a hitters weakness and attack it; you will win more games!

Improving your mechanics will not only add velocity, it will add movement to your pitches. How? Throwing faster pitches correctly allows the ball to rotate more before it hits the glove. Doing this gives the ball a sharper, later break; hitters hate this! 🙂

My invitation to you today is to take the time to learn and to study proper mechanics. Learn what it’s going to take for you to throw faster, protect your arm, throw more pitches that break more aggressively and late. It is a process to learn and apply what you learn, but the rewards for your study and consistent effort learning proper mechanics will pay off big time for you.

I invite you to start the process and get the pitching mechanics DVD. Not only will you enjoy the benefits I talked about, you will also get a discount today. It’s a win! win!

Take advantage of today’s offer!


Have a great day!

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