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December 14, 2015
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January 17, 2016

Last night while I was instructing a couple of pitchers, I was showing them what MLB pitchers do with their front glove arm at release of the ball.

They, along with many other pitchers, have the tendency to pull their front arm down violently causing them to lose momentum toward the plate.

After discussing what should happen to their front arm from equal and opposite to release of the ball; one of the pitchers said, “well, have you seen C.J. Wilson throw? He doesn’t do that does he?”

I responded “Let’s take a look”;
I proceeded to show them this video of C.J. Wilson’s mechanics on Youtube. Here’s the video I shared. https://youtu.be/r28WXew7UpY

You can see at 9 seconds that C.J. Wilson “goes to his glove” he doesn’t pull his glove violently away from him. His momentum goes to the plate consistently to release of the ball. What we see in regular motion isn’t what is really happening in slow motion! 🙂 What I mean by this is…..If you play the video in regular motion you would think that he pulls his glove away from his body, using it as a leveraging tool to gather more velocity.  When you watch the video in slow motion, you realize this isn’t the case at all.

After slowing this down for both of the pitchers, they saw that C.J. wilson goes to his glove and doesn’t pull it down or violently pull it to the side. In fact, C.J. does this flawlessly, it reminds me of the video I often show you of Randy Johnsons mechanics.

So there ya have it! The tip of the day

For further information about pitching mechanics, please visit The Pitching Academy Blog! We have a lot of great articles there for you to further your knowledge on the topic.

Have a great day!
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