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August 30, 2014
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January 1, 2015

Consistency in setting and achieving your pitching goals was last weeks topic of discussion. I got great feedback from that. I’m glad because consistency (doing the right thing long enough to see results) is key to attaining any of your goals.

Today I would like to focus your attention to pitching mechanics. Many of you know the importance of proper throwing mechanics; how they help you minimize the risk of arm injury, help you throw longer, how they help you throw faster, etc.

The biggest obstacle for many pitchers is to understand what pitching mechanics truly are and then knowing how to “feel” how to throw correctly.

What do I mean by “feel” how to throw correctly?

Every pitcher is unique for sure. We each throw a little bit differently. Maybe we have a little different arm slot than our other teammates, maybe our leg lift is a bit higher, our stride a bit longer and so on.

What we need to understand is that there is a difference between style vs mechanics.

Here’s an example. Clayton Kershaw has awesome mechanics but he has a very unique style. It is mechanically correct to keep the ball and glove in the center of your body throughout the leg lift. Kershaw does this, but he raises his arms very high over his head. That is his style, still within the lines of proper throwing mechanics.

Does that make sense?

Problems arise when parents, coaches and students watch MLB pitchers and try to mimic what they are doing. They often confuse style with mechanics and it often backfires and ruins the fluidity of the pitchers throw.

The key is to gain a true understanding of what pitching mechanics truly are and how they can help you succeed on the mound. Once you fully understand mechanics (the fundamentals) then you will never look at a pitcher the same again. You will love watching every move a pitcher makes; good or bad. 🙂

As you apply what you learn from proper throwing mechanics, You will also have the advantage of throwing faster, maintaining strength throughout the season, keep your arm healthy and enjoy many other benefits of knowing how to throw the ball correctly.

I encourage you to study pitching mechanics so you can avoid some of the pitfalls and the trail and error that many pitchers go through daily. I created the pitching mechanics DVD so you can understand how to’s of velocity, arm health and maximizing your true potential on the mound. I also created it for all of the coaches and parents to help teach youth pitchers all over the correct way to throw. I break down each phase of the throwing motion so everyone can understand and immediately put to practice and/or teach.

Get your copy today and be on your way to pitching success.

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