Dominate With Proper Pitching Mechanics
March 23, 2016
Dominate With Proper Pitching Mechanics
March 23, 2016

Throwing different pitches isn’t as hard as you’re making it!

Most pitchers focus on the things that will take them further away from mastering a pitch.

There are many myths associated with throwing different pitches that it’s easy for any pitcher to get confused.

When I grew up I heard some strange things about how to throw a curveball. The crazy thing is…I am hearing the same stuff being taught today as I did 20 plus years ago. Those methods didn’t work then and they still don’t today.

Here are 5 key pointers that will help you throw better off speed pitches:

1. Focus more on the wrist and forearm angle at release of the pitch instead of the grip
2. Keep your same arm slot no matter what pitch you throw
3. Maintain the same fastball mechanics throwing any pitch
4. Don’t slow down your delivery when you throw a changeup
5. Don’t try to “force” the rotation on the ball; it will never work and you can injury your arm that way.

If you are ready to master a few more off speed pitches; I highly recommend my Pitching Grips DVD. Some of the pitches I teach you are the curve, slider, cutter and splitter. I also teach you 4 nasty change ups that really keep the hitters off balance.

Get your copy today and save.

Have a great day,
The Pitching Academy

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