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Fastest Way to Pitching Velocity?
January 1, 2015
3 Steps: How to Throw Pitches
February 1, 2015
Fastest Way to Pitching Velocity?
January 1, 2015
3 Steps: How to Throw Pitches
February 1, 2015

4 Disc DVD Series: Dan Gazaway created this instructional series to help coaches like you help their team throw faster, throw different pitches, keep their arms healthy and experience success on the field.  When your players experience success, they stay in the game longer!
Attention Coaches! If you have experienced any of the following problems we are confident will help you!
You want to teach velocity but don’t where to start.
Your pitchers off speed pitches don’t break effectively.
Your hitter’s hit weak bloopers, grounders or pop ups.
You are confused about which coach or “expert” to listen to
As a coach you don’t understand how to help solve your athlete(s) mechanical problems or mental hang-ups.


In depth instruction that will help each pitcher pack on MPH and throw more strikes
Effectively diagnose your pitchers mechanical flaws and correct them quickly
Learn to teach 10 different knee buckling pitches including: curveball, cutter, slider, C-Change
Help your athletes Increase bat speed with our step-by-step approach to hitting
Improve your teams consistency at the plate by avoiding common flaws that plague most hitters
Develop a little known strategy that will put 100+ points on your players batting average immediately!
Teach your players how to deal with failure and still perform their best!
Separate your team from the rest and dominate with Major League mental game strategies
Instructing  What are you doing differently this year to help your pitchers separate themselves from the rest of the competition? Let us help you get the edge you need. Learn the strategies and techniques that will not only add more movement to each pitch, but the strategies that will keep your arm healthy for years to come. We are confident this series will help your team dominate on the mound and stay ahead of your competition.

Just like pitching, hitting a baseball consistently well can be technical. You can’t just take a lot of hacks in the cage and hope you will “figure it out”. No way! Let me save you some serious pain and suffering by simplifying your mechanics for you. Below you’ll find a couple clips from disk 3.

I spend 90 minutes breaking down all aspects of hitting mechanics that include common problems and incorrect coaching philosophies. In the drills section you’ll be equipped with simple drills that will help you increase bat speed and crush the ball.
Understanding and applying mental strategies requires a great deal of practice just as pitching and hitting do. If you get down on yourself often or go through too many slumps, we can help! Our two certified sports psychologists will teach you how to focus and gain the mental edge you need to succeed day after day.
Your Team Needs The Mental Game Each year guys are getting quicker and stronger. There are so many great athletes around that it seems nearly impossible to stand out in a crowd. There is one area of baseball, however, that is still very underdeveloped. The mental game of baseball. In disk 4 our advisory board members will instruct you how to win the game before you play it.


Increase velocity: How to generate explosive power
Proper hit rotation: How pitchers use their entire body to throw
Keep arms healthy for years to come using these techniques
How pitchers deceive hitters: perceived pitching velocity?
How to recognize and correct most mechanical flaws and much more!
Learn to teach 10 knee buckling pitches
3 Keys to your teams overall pitching success!
Create nasty movement: 4 deadly changeups
Pitching specific workouts that keep your team fit to pitch
An excellent in-season throwing program and much more!
How to increase bat speed and hit with explosive power
The fundamentals of a correct baseball swing
Avoid these commonly taught coaching philosophies that cripple performance
Hitting standards that all MLB hitters use today and much more!
How to play with complete confidence
Focus on what you can control
How to deal with failure and move on
Lead your team to success and SO MUCH MORE!

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Pitching Grips 101 eBook

Value $19.95


Learn seven of the most effective pitches used by Major League pitchers today. Pitches include Four-Seam and Two-Seam Fastballs, Curveball, Cut-Fastball, Slider, Split-Finger, Circle Change. Not only will you learn to grip and release each pitch effectively; you will understand what each pitch is designed to do. With “the hitters perspective” you will also step into the mind of a hitter and understand how they think. If you’ve ever wondered which pitch to throw, when to throw it and why you should throw it in any given scenario; you will learn!

With color photos throughout, it’s quite simply the most complete and up-to-date pitching grips ebookBaseball Pitching Grips 101 eBook available!

The insight you will gain from this ebook is nowhere to be found on the internet or any other book on pitching.

What others are saying about Pitching Grips 101:

“I found “Baseball Pitching GRIPS 101” to be very concise and informative. As a former player and long time instructor I enjoyed the balance of information and insight. The book explains the mechanics of seven various pitches in a way that anyone can understand. I have found that most young pitchers fall in love with certain pitches at the expense of their arm’s health because they lack an overall understanding of why certain pitches are effective in certain situations. Pitching Grips 101 gives you the perfect blend of information, philosophy and good logic. I believe pitchers and pitching coaches of all ages can benefit from “Baseball Pitching GRIPS 101”.” – Ron Wells


Core Strength eBook

Value $19.95


A strong core is critical for generating the power necessary to become an explosive and controlled pitcher. A strong core also allows you to reap the benefits of maintaining proper pitching mechanics and finish the game stronger than you started.


The easy answer is: Your core is the hub that connects your entire body’s kinetic chain. So, in order to transfer energy from the ground to your arm, that energy needs to transfer through your core; there is no way around it.

Core Pitching Workout Includes:

• 100+ illustrations & explanations of core strength exercisescsebkcvrwshdw
• How to prepare your core for the workload pitching requires
• A beginning (Phase I), Intermediate (Phase II) and advanced (Phase III) core pitching workout “This program has been carefully created to ensure that you are addressing all the muscles that work together to stabilize you as an athlete and pitcher.”
• How to create pitching velocity through proper energy transfer and more!


Pitching Mechanics eBook

Value $14.95


Who wouldn’t want to increase their pitching velocity and throw more strikes to dominate on the mound? Learn these valuable pitching tips to make it to the next level.

The step-by-step instructions clearly explain how a pitcher can reach his full throwing potential. Applying these strategies will ensure you increase pitching velocity and gain precise control of each pitch.

I have taken the best practices from hundreds of baseball camps, instructional leagues, Pitching Mechanics eBookmajor league ball players and pitching coaches and condensed that information in this book, focusing on each phase of pitching mechanics.

“The Pitching Mechanics e-Book is a simple and short read that illustrates and outlines the full pitching motion, covering all the main aspects of pitching mechanics that have helped my son and the other pitchers on his team. The e-Book focuses on those points that are key to being a successful and injury free pitcher. A parent or coach could read the e-Book and in a short period of time easily identify changes in pitching mechanics that could help a pitcher improve his velocity and control.” -Kevin Dahl


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