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January 18, 2015
Clayton Kershaw Pitching Mechanics
February 22, 2015

Throwing a knee buckling pitch is what many pitchers strive to do. However, the journey to throwing any nasty pitch isn’t as pretty as it should be for the majority of pitchers.


They make it complicated! Much more complex than it has to be, that’s for sure.

They may listen to others that simply don’t know how to throw a curve, or worse yet, may have never thrown one themselves. They take this “knowledge” and try to apply it and the end result is not what they expected. Of course they are going to fail.

Baseball Motivation, Baseball Quote, 5 Reasons Batters Fear Me Today I want to share some simple yet effective steps you need to know when you throw any pitch other than your fastball.

Rule #1: Master your fastball mechanics first! Once you have done this, don’t alter those mechanics to throw an off speed pitch. This includes changing your arm slot. Your arm slot remains the same with every pitch; it’s your wrist and forearm angle you change when delivering any other pitch. That’s it!

Rule #2: Keep it simple! The majority of the pitchers that attempt to throw a curve, slider, fork ball etc. try to force the rotation of the ball. They may twist or try snapping the ball. This causes a whole slew of problems with little to no control or rotation. They won’t get the results they are looking for and may have arm trouble afterwards. No es bueno!

Rule #3: Be careful who you listen to! As I mentioned earlier, there are many people who think they know how to teach you to throw a successful pitch. Most don’t have a clue! Many that teach youth pitchers haven’t been successful throwing an off speed pitch themselves. Just be careful, if you follow the wrong advice, your arm may pay the price.

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