3 Steps: How to Throw Pitches
February 1, 2015
Pitching Tips to a Better Curveball
February 22, 2015

We all know Clayton Kershaw is an awesome pitcher. But.. Have you taken a closer look on how he throws the ball?

He has great pitching mechanics.

What I’d like to do today is just focus on this pic of Kershaw and talk about what he is doing correctly just before release of the baseball.

First of all, all of his momentum is going straight toward his target. His head is level to the ground (meaning he doesn’t throw his head down) and his head is over his knee at release. This helps keep his momentum toward home plate.

His glove is placed perfectly in front of him, aligned with his spine. Notice how he doesn’t pull his glove or throw it to his right side. He simply will drop his elbow into the squeeze and swivel. Once again, keeping his energy toward the plate.

His pivot foot is still on the ground and he’s on his “tip toe”. This helps him complete the hip rotation and his core is still engaged in the throw; giving him maximum power. If his foot were to come off the ground just before release of the ball, he would lose power.

Kershaw has an explosive fastball for sure, but he also throws nasty off speed pitches. His mechanics make it possible for him to master the control of each pitch and make many MLB hitters look foolish at the plate.

If you want to throw a Kershaw like curveball and master the art of pitching mechanics, I recommend getting your copy of the 4 Disc Series today.

 clayton Kershaw

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