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February 22, 2015
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December 7, 2015

Take a look at Kershaw throwing here!

Today I break down Clayton Kershaw’s mechanics for you to show you a few
things he does that help him throw fast and keep his control on all of his pitches.

First off, Clayton has a bit of an unorthodox style of throwing. That’s okay! Although his style is
a bit different, his mechanics are still awesome.

At about 5 seconds into this video, you will see both arms are raised very high. In fact, they are
usually higher than this. Most pitchers simply keep the ball and glove (in the middle like Clayton) but

they don’t raise their arms up that high. That’s his “style”. It’s important to note that he still has proper mechanics
here because the ball and glove stay in the middle aligned with his spine line. Straight up and down.

When Clayton strides toward home plate, he does something most pitchers don’t do. He drops his landing
leg until it almost hits the ground before he even starts his momentum toward the plate. Although this is “unorthodox”
that again is his “style” and has nothing to do with his efficient delivery.

You’ll see what I mean at 8 seconds on that video above.

From 8 to 12 seconds you will see how explosive he is to foot strike. You will also see at 13 seconds
that all of his energy is going straight toward home plate, he’s in a great equal and opposite position with his arms, his head
is over his center of gravity (belly button) at foot strike and his hips are starting to rotate before his upper body.

Taking a look at his release at 14 seconds you will see that his pivot foot (back foot) is on the ground until
release of the ball. In fact, that was today’s pitching tip on facebook. Pitching Tip #16

As you can see, Clayton has worked very hard on his throwing mechanics. Throwing with proper mechanics
helps pitchers throw faster, maintain control on all of their pitches and decreases the risks of arm injury.
If you are looking to throw like Clayton Kershaw, throwing fast and throwing knee buckling pitches; do it right!
Get your copy of the pitching mechanics DVD and the pitching grips DVD. Or save big and get it all with the DVD series today!

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