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March 4, 2012
Off Speed Pitching
March 20, 2012

This week I enjoyed a great tournament in St. George Utah and Mesquite Nevada.  This tournament comprised of 266 little league teams.  There are many reasons why I attend this tournament every year but the main reason is I get the opportunity to watch many of the pitchers I work with.

During the tournament I discussed pitch count with many of the parents and coaches.  Many were concerned about their pitchers throwing too much and wanted reassurance they weren’t doing any damage to their young pitchers.  It’s good to know that so many coaches are bit more informed these days.

Here are the pitch totals I learned and apply.  I want everyone to know where I got the information.  It’s not mine, but I feel it is a very credible and valid resource.  I got the information when I received one of my pitching certifications from the National Pitching Association in San Diego.  Tom House is the founder.

Here it is:  Pitch totals from 9-24 year old pitchers. (some of you coaches won’t like to see this, but I would follow it to keep your pitchers healthy)

9-10 years  60 pitches per game or 75 pitches per week

11-12 years  75 pitchers per game or 100 pitches per week

13-14 years  90 pitches per game, 125 pitches per week

15-18 years  90 pitches per game, 130 pitches per week

18-24 years  120 pitches per game MAX 150 pitches per week

24-40 years  120 per game MAX and 175 per week

There ya go, the most accurate of any pitch totals that I’ve ever encountered.

The tournament that I attended goes by innings pitched not by pitches per inning.  If I coached a team I would go by pitch count instead.  Some of these young pitchers can throw upwards of 40 pitches an inning if their fielding is not that great.

And don’t forget this weeks special if you don’t already have one.  Our Pitching series; we don’t miss a thing!

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