The Best Pitching Workout
January 5, 2012
Three Must Have’s in Pitching
February 13, 2012

Tonight I begin working with a team of 13u pitchers. My job is to get their pitching mechanics in tip top shape before March when they begin playing.

The first area of focus I work on with his age is proper balance during the leg left. Secondly, I teach them how to lead with the hip. I think it’s safe to say most of the 10-13 year old kids I work with do not lead with their hips towards home plate.

Because of this mechanics oversight, they are giving up 3-7mph of fastball potential since they aren’t engaging their lower half in the beginning of their motion.

What does leading with the hip look like in action? Here, watch this clip. You see as Verlander nears the apex of his leg lift he begins to let his hips move towards home plate? That’s leading with the hips. I’ll be working with the kids tonight on this concept.

Dan does a great job explaining the early parts of the pitching motion in our Pitching Mechanics DVD. It’ll be on sale through today, and then the deal’s off. For $25 you get some seriously good pitching mechanics instruction; the same stuff we give the pitchers we work with daily.

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