Pitching Mechanics Change: Major Velocity Gains!

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January 24, 2013
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March 25, 2013

What never seizes to amaze me (regardless of how many pitchers I have worked with over the years) are the small and simple mechanical changes a pitcher can make that can add so much pop to the ball.

I was working with a student two weeks ago who finally understood proper hip rotation and how the core plays a major role in velocity and arm health. Even though he had understood the concept for a few months, he finally learned to “feel” how to throw with his hip and core correctly.

After throwing just a couple fastballs correctly, he turned to me and said “holy cow, that changed my life.” I laughed, but at the same time it pumped me up. I told him how I appreciated the hard work he had put into pitching and how happy I was for him.

That’s what it’s all about.

The fact is, everyone can learn to throw with power by making small mechanical adjustments that don’t take years to learn.

I have seen pitchers gain 5 mph within a couple of short weeks when they learn proper weight transfer and balance.

It’s an amazing site to see pitchers fine tune their mechanics and really “feel” how to throw with their entire body. Once they make the transition from throwing with “too much arm” to throwing with a lot of legs, hips and core; they realize what their full potential is, their confidence goes through the roof, their arm stays healthy and they can continue to throw more and more everyday because of it.

At The Pitching Academy we take pride in knowing we have helped thousands of pitchers succeed. We are confident we can help you and your pitchers as well! Our instructional products are created in a way that is easy to understand proper mechanics and immediately put them practice. Applying the same principles you see in our pitching series will help you see gains in velocity, control and most importantly you will “feel” the difference in the way you throw forever.

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Make it a great season,
The Pitching Academy

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