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January 29, 2013
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How far should a pitcher stride?

That’s a very common question now.

Stride length is important for a few important reasons.

#1 if done correctly, you can generate a lot of momentum

#2 You can get closer to the plate when you release the ball (this help with perceived pitching velocity) The closer you are to home plate at release of the ball, the quicker the batter has to decide if he swings or not.

#3 You will rely more on your legs for power than your arm.

A pitcher should stride as far as they possibly can (as long as they can complete their hip rotation)

Most of the time when I teach a new student I will have them lengthen their stride. However, on occasion, I will have a pitcher shorten it.

In all cases they will throw faster!


Well, a lot of a pitching velocity comes from a complete hip rotation as well. So if a pitcher isn’t striding far enough he leaves velocity on the table. And, if a pitcher strides to far and is not able to complete a proper hip rotation he also can’t throw as hard.

So what’s the answer to this question?

How far should a pitcher stride?

As far as possible, allowing them the ability to complete their hip rotation.

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Best of luck this season!

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