Last Day for Pitching Mechanics/How to Teach Pitchers
September 25, 2011
Baseball Core Strength Training
October 5, 2011

This weeks focus is on pitching workouts.  We get asked often what are some of the best pitching workouts out there?  Well, there are literally thousands of workouts you can be doing to get into optimal pitching shape and many of them work.  Unfortunately, you just won’t have the time to do all of them you want to so you have to pick and choose the ones that work best for you. I’m not giving you excuses, there’s is just some fantastic stuff out there right now and you may want to do it all but you physically can’t.

What we want to show you this week are some exercises you want to make sure you don’t leave out of your pitching workout program.

In this video you will learn some important light dumbbell exercises that you should do three times a week.  I learned these exercises a long time ago (when I was twelve) and used them a lot when I competed.  In fact, I still do them because they are great for the rotator cuff and compliment a good shoulder workout.

As part of pitching workout week; make sure you take advantage of today’s offer!  You can receive our pitching grips/pitching workouts DVD for only $25.

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