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April 21, 2014
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May 5, 2014

Are your pitching workouts effective?

There’s no question that pitchers workout differently than any other position player. There are workouts that all pitchers should include in their training to ensure their body can deal with the demands that effective pitching requires.

For example: Pitching is a start and stop exercise. Pitching requires explosive movements. Your entire body works in unison to deliver a great pitch. If one part of your body is weak, it effects your ability to throw at your full potential.

Remember this: You are only as strong as your weakest link.

If your core is weak, your fastball is not as explosive as it could be; nor are your off speed pitches nearly as effective.

Knowing this, there should be some full body work involved in your workouts and some sort of core strength training regimen to follow right?

How do pitchers train to be explosive? Many ways. But a great thing to remember is that pitching is a start and stop exercise. That being said, pitchers are sprinters not long distance runners. That’s why you will often see pitchers sprinting on the side lines, not jogging around the ballpark.

There’s much to be said about how pitchers should train. That is why I created this pitching workout program for you.

You will learn:
Pitching Specific Core exercises
Pitching specific exercises using elastic bands
An excellent in season throwing program. Sunday-Sunday
How much is too much throwing/ too little throwing
Learn how to throw an effective bullpen and much more!

In addition you will learn how to throw nasty knee buckling pitches that will drastically improve your ERA.

Get your copy now!

Have a great day!
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