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November 10, 2010
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November 21, 2010

A couple years ago I wrote about the two Indian boys who signed a professional baseball contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates having never played a game of baseball before.  If you don’t know this story it’s inspirational as well as challenging to those of us who have been dealt a pretty good hand athletically.

The following video will explain, but in short a couple years ago India held a reality show “The Millionaire Dollar Arm” that was a contest to see who could throw the fastest pitch in India.  The winner would receive $100,000 and a chance to win $1 million.  The irony here is that baseball barely exists in India and many have never heard of the sport.  Nevertheless, a couple kids threw in the upper 80’s and won a trip to America and a chance to learn how to pitch and potentially sign a pro contract.

Both had never heard of the sport of baseball prior to the contest and had no idea what a pitcher was.  Shoot, they’d never even held a baseball before (which is obvious from their attempt in the contest as you’ll see).

The reason I wanted to write on this topic today is not because these two Indian kids have some freakish talent; they don’t throw any faster than thousands of athletes in America.  It’s because of their work habit.  I mean how much drive and work habit do you think is required to learn how to pitch at high levels having never played a game  before?  Most of their competition in pro ball have been playing for a couple decades.

In today’s baseball market talent is no longer the major separator between good and great.  It used to be.  Now, there are more players playing globally, more specialized coaching available, and more year round leagues.  It takes some serious work habit if you want to continue to jump levels in this game.

There is no doubting the athleticism of the two Indian pitchers, I’m sure someone you know has their talent.  But, do they have the drive to be the best?  These guys are running from poverty and running towards fame and new life for themselves and their families.

What motivates you to work hard?  Have you studied the mechanics of those athletes who are successful?  Do you build all parts of your game?  What about your health?  Remember, talent alone won’t cut it, you have to do more.  A good place to start is letting us help you understand your mechanics with our pitching DVD.

Watch the video, get inspired, and bust loose this off season in developing your “x-factor” that will set you apart from the pack.


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