Teaching Youth Baseball Players
November 9, 2010
Professional Baseball Contract: No Experience?
November 16, 2010

Saturday evening I was working with a group of 14 and 15 year old pitchers.  I asked how many of them could throw a change up for a strike on a consistent basis.  Out of the eight guys, one said he could throw a change for a strike consistently.

Sadly, I don’t think that number is too far off the norm for many youth pitchers.  There are a few reasons for this, but rather than explore those, let me cut to the chase and say if you don’t know how to throw a change up, YOU NEED TO LEARN ONE THIS YEAR.

We’ve talked time and time again of the importance of being able to change speeds as well as locate your pitches.  I hated facing a pitcher with a good change up;  especially if he would throw it in counts when I was expecting to see a fastball.  It messes with the minds of hitters when a guy can throw a 2-1 change up, that’s for sure.

Dan filmed an eight-minute clip on change up grips not too long ago.  I’ve attached the link for you below.  If you want to learn more grips, you can also access our pitching grips 101 ebook  or pick up our Pitching Mechanics DVD.  You can learn more about both of those products here.

Dan’s Change Up Article and Video

Learn how to throw knee-buckling pitches here!


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