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October 19, 2011
Pitching Mistakes: Off Speed Pitches
October 31, 2011

After coaching pitchers for the last ten years, it not only becomes easy to pinpoint mechanical flaws; it becomes very obvious what each pitcher should do mechanically to add velocity and throw more strikes!  With most pitchers, velocity and control go hand and hand.  Why? Because throwing a baseball is all about proper balance and momentum toward the target.

If you lack balance and proper direction toward the plate, then you will be hard pressed to throw strikes.  You will also be lacking in the velocity department.

Without balance and proper momentum you lack consistency with any pitch, including your fastball.  Not only will you find it difficult to command pitches; your arm begins to become sore.  Anytime your momentum goes anywhere but where it’s supposed to go, you can put pressure on your throwing arm.

In our pitching mechanics DVD we teach you how to throw more strikes, pack on velocity and throw with complete confidence.  If you’ve been watching the World Series this year you know how important it is to have all of these tools in your arsenal.

That’s why for the next two days only we are offering you our pitching mechanics DVD for only $25; regularly $35.  This DVD is part of our new baseball series.

Take advantage of the opportunity today and make a difference on the mound this year!

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