Pitching Mistakes: Off Speed Pitches

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October 26, 2011
Two Day Pitching Grips!
November 2, 2011

In this video I show you three of the most common pitching mistakes pitchers make when they throw different pitches.  There are so many myths out there about how to throw a curveball or how to slow down the ball that it becomes ridiculous at times.  The most frustrating part as a coach is that some of these methods hurt arms.  Many of the pitching philosophies also make throwing different pitches seem more difficult than it really is.

Two things I hope this video helps you with:

1) Dispel some of the myths about throwing off speed pitches

2) Help you understand that throwing different pitches isn’t as complex as it seems

Three common pitching mistakes when throwing different pitches:

1) Changing arm slot

2) Wrapping the ball or gripping it too tight

3) Twisting the wrist: or changing wrist and forearm angle at the last minute

Keep a look out this Wednesday for our pitching grips DVD sale where you can learn how to throw off-speed pitches with proper mechanics and be much more effective on the mound!

Here is today’s pitching video.

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