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January 7, 2013
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Do most pitchers make throwing another pitch harder than it really is?


Having an additional pitch in your arsenal is critical to your success as a pitcher, even when you can bring high heat!

In my interview with Jeremy Guthrie (KC Royals Starter) we talked about how many pitches he throws. We also discussed how many he thinks pitchers need to be successful at the Major League level.

Guthrie currently has four pitches. We discussed the importance of having at least three pitches you can throw for strikes at any count.

He mentioned that relief pitchers can get away with two pitches, especially when they have a blazing fastball. But if you’re a starting pitcher the magic number is 3. You simply can’t be as successful without three as a starter. Hitters just get used to what you throw throughout the course of the game and make adjustments.

It’s much more difficult for a hitter to make adjustments when you throw more than two.

In addition, Guthrie mentioned he has become much more successful in the Major Leagues throwing his curveball more frequently. He said he used to throw his curveball only about 3 to 5 times each game along with his fast, change and his occasional split. Now he throws his curve up to 23 times a game.

So what does this say about his success? Why are additional pitches helpful?

I’ve said this a million times but here’s a reminder.

A pitchers job is to simply keep the hitters off balance, so when they hit the ball they don’t crush it.

Sorry pitchers, you’re not going to strike everyone out. The minute you realize that the more success you’ll have on the mound.

Hit your spots, change your speed and keep the ball moving! That’s your recipe for success at any level!

As you noticed I started the article off this morning with a question. Do pitchers make throwing another pitch harder than it really is?

Of course!

Throwing another pitch requires the same solid pitching mechanics you have when throwing a fastball. The only difference is the position of your wrist and forearm angle at release of the baseball. Your grip doesn’t even matter that much.

So what’s in it for you today?

This week only, we are having a sale on our pitching grips/Pitching Workouts DVD. In this section we teach you how to throw different baseball pitches in a way you’ve never heard it explained. We simplify the process for you! You will learn how to throw off speed pitches quickly and effectively.

FYI: although we teach over 12 pitches on this DVD you only need to be great at three or four. Narrow your focus! Focus on learning one pitch at a time. If you don’t have a great changeup that is what I would recommend you learn first.

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