Pitching Specific Workout: Why Core Strength Training?
June 14, 2010
It Takes Guts to Pitch
August 1, 2010

Some of the most common flaws pitchers make while transferring energy toward the plate is shortening their stride and not utilizing their hips to generate power.  Pitchers rely heavily on upper body strength for rotational power instead of complete hip rotation.  This inhibits a pitchers ability to utilize complete body involvement with each pitch.

In this pitching video I demonstrate what your hips should do right before your landing leg hits the ground.  This is an integral part of pitching mechanics and should not be ignored!  Here’s why: Your hips are connected with your core; your core connects to your upper body; as your upper body continues to rotate it brings your throwing arm around to release of the baseball.  Therefore your arm is simply “along for the ride” if your mechanics are in check.

If you want to be a power pitcher and keep your arm healthy, it is imperative that you learn the following pitching techniques demonstrated here.


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