Pitching Coaches Teaching Poor Mechanics
February 12, 2014
Pitching Academy: Whatever it Takes!
February 19, 2014
Pitching Coaches Teaching Poor Mechanics
February 12, 2014
Pitching Academy: Whatever it Takes!
February 19, 2014

Recently I’ve sent out a couple of pitching videos of MLB pitchers throwing in slow motion. I do this to overcome some of the objections we hear some pitching coaches teaching their pitchers.
Although it is true that some MLB pitchers don’t have flawless pitching mechanics (Lincecum); what some coaches are teaching is flat wrong. Some of the misinformation pitchers never have attempted in MLB nor ever will.
What I do is take the best pitchers in the MLB, some are still playing and some are not. I then make comparisons to what is being taught to the way these MLB all-stars really throw the ball.
Today I made this video about the front glove arm. There seems to be a ton of confusion about what to do with the glove arm when a pitcher begins rotating toward the plate.
What is taught often out in the Baseball community is to pull the front glove arm to give a pitcher more leverage and power to the plate. This is wrong! But how many of you have heard this being taught time and time again?
Let me explain what pitcher’s need to do to help them keep their momentum going toward the plate. Here’s today’s video

Now, Let’s take a look at what Randy Johnson does with his front glove arm until release of the ball. Pay particular attention to 24 to 27 seconds.

As you can see at 24 seconds he drops his elbow; he doesn’t pull it down. He keeps his glove still as his body goes toward the glove. He doesn’t bring the glove to him. This ensures that all of his momentum still continues toward home plate until release of the ball.
What does he do to his glove “after” he releases the ball? He brings it down to his side. If you watch this same video in regular motion, it appears he pulls his arm down very aggresively. It’s only when you slow it down that you see what’s really happening mechanically.
Do other MLB pitchers do this?
Justin Verlander: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbVQc2gYjFQ (30-32 Seconds)
Cole Hamels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjV2HKpugTM(31-34 seconds)
That being said, some MLB pitchers don’t execute this perfectly into their mechanics. What is important though is that these pitchers hips go before their upper body. If there is a slight pull, it’s slight and not as aggressive as is being taught. Compare these great pitchers lower half to upper half.
Cliff Lee: from 18-19 seconds: look at how aggressively he rotates his hips compared to his upper body to release of the ball. This is an effecient delivery.
What about the fastest pitcher in the world? Arnolis Chapman: Watch from (14 to 15 seconds)
To get a handle on your pitching mechanics, generate some real velocity and mazimize your pitching performance; I encourage you to get your own copy of Pitching Mechanics/How to Teach Pitchers DVD today!
Have a great day!
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