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February 11, 2014
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February 17, 2014

It’s seems nowadays there are a slew of pitching coaches out there teaching different pitching philosophies.

If you turn to you tube you will find many “certified pitching coaches” teaching you how to throw a curveball, how to add 5-10 MPH to your fastball, how to throw strikes and how to throw using proper mechanics.

The problem is “half” of what most of them are teaching is “correct” and the other “half” is flat out “wrong”!

Today I’d like to share a video with you about one coaches philosophies that just may not make sense to you. After watching my video below, I want you to watch 7 of the top pitchers in the MLB so you can see for yourself what misinformation many youth pitchers and coaches are listening to. This misinformation can lead to injury and make pitchers less than effective on the mound.

Click Here to view today’s video

Now! Look below to see some MLB greats pitching in slow motion. Do you see any of them “cushioning their elbow”?

Brian Wilson Pitching Mechanics

Justin Verlander Pitching

Randy Johnson Pitching Video

Mariano Rivera

Clayton Kershaw Pitching Analysis

Cliff Lee Pitching Mechanics Analysis

Tim Lincecum pitching video

After watching those clips what do you think? Again, did any of those MLB pitchers cushion their elbow? What about throwing at a 90 degree angle with their arms? Then why is this being taught, not just by this man, but several other pitching coaches?

Listen, I know these guys mean well and I’m sure they are great guys. I’m just pointing out the misinformation floating around out there.

If you run into any videos that you question, send them my way and I’ll be glad to analyse what is being taught and compare it to what MLB pitchers are doing.

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Have a great day!

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