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September 28, 2010
Heath Bell and Ubaldo Jimenez Pitching Mechanics
September 29, 2010

Got another question to answer this way.  This one comes from Dan.  It’s short and to the point:

What are some mechanical ways I can throw harder?

I have been telling you that you need to have at least three pitches to survive.  You need change of speed, movement and you need to have pin point control.  Well, I don’t take that back, 99.9% of pitchers need that.  There is one pitcher however, in the major leagues right now that can get away with just on pitch, a fastball.


Because he was recorded throwing a pitch at 105mph a couple days ago and 25 of his pitches in 1 1/3 innings of relief all reached at least 100mph.  Granted, if he were to throw just fastballs the entire game the talented hitters would catch up to him.


One thing I want to point out is Chapman’s stride.  We’ve talked and preached time and time again about your stride being at least 100 percent of your height.  Make no mistake, that is no lie.  Take a look at Chapman’s stride in the article below; his stride length is well beyond his height.  There is no way he would be able to throw as hard as he does without that massive stride and solid core strength.  That stride allows him to create the momentum necessary to throw those blazing fastballs.  I feel we will see more and more talented pitchers in the next few years throwing in the 100’s.  I’m just glad I will never have to face them.


Here is the history of Chapman’s historic game.

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