Pitching Mechanics Analysis!
February 13, 2011
Increase Pitching Velocity
February 23, 2011

Here is another question regarding how to teach pitchers to increase their accuracy on the mound.

What do you suggest to help pitchers improve on their accuracy? Hitting the mitt is what we tell them but HOW do we teach them? Thanks!

This is a good question and one that can be tackled a few different ways.  Try these:

1.        The first and foremost way to create consistency and accuracy is to create pitchers who can duplicate their wind up and delivery with each pitch.  Getting your guys to understand what to modify when they are on the mound takes a ton of time, but it is so worth the time they (and you) spend learning mechanics.  We teach all the pitching mechanics you need in our pitching DVD (Spring Training Sale this week).

2.       Make certain they are picking up the target early on in their motion.  If you take a look at most young pitchers, they may begin their motion with their eyes on the glove, but then as they begin their leg lift they will look away briefly.  Even though this is a relatively small break in focus, it’s huge in maintaining concentration on the target.  Train your pitchers to keep consistent focus on the glove through the entire windup.  As they become more experienced and consistent, the more freedom to “personalize” their beginning phases of the windup can be extended to them.

3.       Going along with the previous point, WHAT they choose to focus their attention on can make all the difference.  I like to call this the “go find the thing in the closet” effect.  When I send my kids to find something in their closets, (shoes, coat, whatever), half the time they come back and can’t find it.  Some of the time it’s because their closet is messy.  The other half of the time the item they went looking for is right in front of them; they just glance past it.  This is what can happen on the mound if the pitcher isn’t precise about his target.  Instead of focusing on the glove as a whole, try teaching him to focus on the web of the glove, or maybe the wrist of the catcher that is holding the mitt.  Whatever it is, this precision focus instead of a general focus can make all the difference in athletes.  Especially those who seem to lose focus on their task at hand pitch to pitch.

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