I often get the question about what to do with your front glove when you begin rotation.

Because you want your momentum to go toward the plate throughout your entire delivery, you want to drop keep your glove in front of you until release of the ball.

Some pitchers have heard that you want to pull down as hard as you can with your front glove arm to get power.

That doesn’t make sense.

Do you think you generate more power with your legs and hip rotation more than your front glove arm?  The answer is obvious.

Here are some examples, and complete articles, of some MLB pitchers including Nolan Ryan, Curt Schilling and my new favorite Justin Verlander.

I feel Justin does a better job than any of them on this aspect of pitching.

Just watch what these pitchers do with their front glove to release of the ball.

Watch how they generate power with their legs and hips as their front glove arm is not violently being pulled down or to one side.  The glove stays in front to keep momentum flowing home.

Remember, anytime your momentum goes anywhere else besides home plate you are putting stress on your throwing arm and can struggle with consistency.

After release your glove can go wherever you would like it to.  Most MLB pitchers still keep the glove in front of them even after release to ensure proper balance.

I like to keep my glove in front of me even after release because it helps me get into a better fielding position.

Also, you don’t want to get caught with your glove behind your body when a liner comes back at you.

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