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February 11, 2011
Just Hit The Mitt, Man
February 17, 2011

We want to thank everyone that sent us a pitching or hitting question last week. We always welcome those and we will always do our best to get back with all of you as soon as possible.

We received a video from a pitcher by the name of Quinn last week. He wanted us to take a quick look and see if we could offer a bit of pitching advice. He throws about 86-88 and has hit the magical 90 MPH mark a couple of times. He is looking to add a couple more miles an hour on his fastball and wonders if we can see anything in his delivery that will help him do just that.

Here is his video:


At first glance when you watch him pitch there are a couple of things I noticed right off. First, he is a lefty. lol I love lefties. Being a lefty gives him an immediate advantage over the competition.

You can tell that Quinn has spent a great deal of time working on his delivery. Overall he has great pitching mechanics. I will also add the fact that his hip rotation is excellent and he is getting good pitching velocity from that. Many pitchers can learn from this video if they pay attention to that hip rotation.

Taking a closer look at the video you will see a few things that Quinn can do better. Not only to increase pitching velocity, but to relieve some pressure off his throwing arm. At the 9 second mark he can work on a better balanced posture. His weight should be on the ball of his foot throughout the leg lift. This will ensure his momentum at this point of his delivery will be going toward the plate and not back. Staying on the ball of his foot will also help him push off a bit more giving him a bit more explosive power out of the gate.

I also noticed that at the beginning of Quinn’s delivery he can be more explosive to foot strike. He can work on utilizing his front leg “landing leg” as a leveraging tool to propel himself forward. In English, he can get to foot strike a bit faster. The good thing is he eventually does get a ton of momentum toward the plate later in his delivery using his core for velocity as opposed to just his throwing arm. As I mentioned before his hip rotation is excellent, this is where a ton of his power is created. Just work on being more explosive to foot strike Quinn and you will add a few and your delivery will be more smooth.

At the 11 Second mark what Quinn can fix is the position of his glove arm. In many of our videos we talk about the “Squeeze and Swivel” when the glove arm stays in line with your spine line. Here Quinn pulls away just a bit from his center of gravity. He receives no additional power here, in fact he loses a bit by pulling away from his target. He is not too far off, we are just being picky. Overall his mechanics are great and we wish him the very best in his career. He is currently a freshman playing collegiate baseball in the northeast. Best of luck to you Quinn!

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