Just Hit The Mitt, Man
February 17, 2011
Power Pitching: Rotate Hips Before Upper Body
February 28, 2011

Would you be shocked to find out that most pitchers lose 3-5 mph at the very beginning of their throwing motion?  The main culprit to this velocity loss is improper weight transfer, and I see it all to often with the athletes I work with.

Velocity starts with a balanced posture and proper leg lift.  If you aren’t leading with your hips when you start your weight transfer to home plate you are losing a lot of velocity and placing undue stress on your throwing arm.


In our latest video download we inform you how balance affects pitching velocity.  We demonstrate 5 important tips most pitchers don’t think about to ensure you have the necessary balance from both the stretch and the windup to maximize your velocity.  As a pitcher your momentum has to go in one direction and one direction only: straight toward the home plate!


This video will teach you:

– How to generate explosive power
– How long your stride should be and why
– How to use your landing leg to propel yourself forward
– How to lead with your hips effectively for proper momentum
– What equal and opposite is and why is it so critical to your pitching success and much more!

Why is this video so important for you? If you lose your balance you lose velocity, control and are more prone to arm injury.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to gain more control and an extra 3-5 mph?


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