Pitch Count And The Unpredictable Pitcher
July 11, 2012
How to Throw a Nasty Curve
July 13, 2012

One of the best things you can do to help your mechanics is study other starting pitchers. Typically starting pitchers that have been in the league awhile who you know have solid mechanics.

It is true that some pitchers have a natural ability to throw the ball and their mechanics aren’t great. Lincecum comes to mind and we know what’s happening to him this year. His young arm and back can’t handle the workload pitching requires because of the way he throws the ball. Granted he was a great pitcher but as we mentioned before in previous emails, his “wacky” mechanics finally caught up to him. We hope he can make changes and continue to amaze us.

On that note, It never seizes to amaze me how one little mechanical flaw can completely take you off your game. You don’t need to be too far off to lose command of your pitches.

Today I would like to share some great videos of pitchers that I admire and have studied for a long time.

You will find a break down of their mechanics as well.

Simply click on the pitcher you would like to study!

Nolan Ryan My All- Time favorite pitcher!
Justin Verlander My favorite but forget last nights all-star game performance!
Curt Schilling Forget how broke he is now!
Brian Wilson Fear the Beard dude!

Have fun!

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