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May 20, 2013
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It comes as no surprise to many of you that one of my favorite pitchers to watch growing up was Nolan Ryan.

Nolan was a workhorse! His commitment to excellence is something to admire.

Today I want to pass a quote onto you that Nolan once told Randy Johnson. While simple in nature, putting it to action requires experience.

Nolan Ryan once told Randy Johnson “You can’t let the failure of your last pitch affect the success of your next pitch.”

The best pitchers I know have complete control over their emotions. They may have a horrible first inning, but they bounce back quickly without it affecting the outcome of the game. I like watching a pitcher’s reaction on the mound after someone crushes a home run.

Successful pitchers don’t wear their emotions on their sleeve. They don’t appear frustrated, they know it happens to the best. Again, the failure of your last pitch should not affect the success of the next one.

Pitchers are also leaders. They can help control the attitude on the entire team just by their presence on the mound. How you carry yourself on and off the field can either help you or work against you. If you have a great attitude and are able to control your emotions on the mound, you will be surprised how your team backs you up. They will all perform better when you pitch.

Be the type of pitcher your team can count on when you step up on the mound.

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