Five Tips to Nasty Pitches
May 13, 2014
Increase Velocity Working Out?
May 27, 2014
Five Tips to Nasty Pitches
May 13, 2014
Increase Velocity Working Out?
May 27, 2014

There’s nothing like having an awesome changeup in your arsenal.

To have the confidence to throw this great pitch on a 3-2 count; Amazing!

One of my favorite pitches to teach my students is the circle or C change.  Why?

This pitch flat out rocks!  It gets hitters out.

When I introduce this pitch to many of the athletes, the majority of the time they feel they already know how to throw a good changeup.  In most cases, I have them show me how they are already throwing it or share with me how they throw one or how they’ve been taught to throw it.

In ALL cases, they aren’t throwing it correctly.  At most their way may be effective in Little League, but not much further.

Most kids simply add more fingers or slow down their delivery to throw the pitch. That doesn’t work!

When I show them how to release a real change, most are amazed!  They have never been instructed this way before; yet most MLB pitchers throw effective changeups like this.  After I show them to throw the “C” or the “Circle” at the glove they become excited and want to start throwing it right away.

So we do. 🙂

We play catch with the pitch to get used to it.  I help them make a few adjustments with the pitch as most try to change their arm slot or force the rotation on the ball.  When they become somewhat comfortable with the release, then I have them do the knee drill with their new pitch and assign them to do a ton of reps every night that week.  After a week of throwing the pitch over and over again from their knees they grasp it and then they can start to throw it in games.

Yes, that quickly.  In fact, I encourage them to throw it in games to gain confidence, regardless of the outcome.

So what does this pitch do?  It changes speeds of course, but when you throw it correctly it moves like crazy.  That’s a deadly combination.

Like I said earlier, most pitchers think they know how to throw a changeup, what they don’t realize is what they’re missing when they “really” know how to throw an effective change.  The C or the circle thrown at the glove.  That is what imparts rotation on the ball and slows it down.

I encourage you to try this pitch and see how it works for you.

If you are ready to learn a nasty change and see real results with it I would recommend my [pitching grips DVD]( to you.  I show you how to throw this pitch and several other nasty pitches.

Get your copy today and save!


Have a great day,

The Pitching Academy

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