The Nasty Curveball Award Goes To…

Pitching Mechanics: Maximum Leverage and Velocity
April 5, 2011
Deception Wins
April 7, 2011

Yovani Gallardo of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Last night Gallardo (watch him this season, he’ll do big things) threw a two-hit shutout against the Atlanta Braves.  I wanted to show you his curveball.  It’s nasty.

But, before I do, what makes Gallardo such an effective pitcher is his varying speeds along with his nasty curveball.  He’s not a huge guy, and regularly sits in the 93ish MPH range which is right around MLB average.  However, as you’ll see in the clip below, his curveball rides in the upper 70’s.  With the same arm speed as his fastball, this is extremely tough for a hitters to adjust to.

Here are some of Yovani Gallardo’s pitching highlights.  I think you will be amazed. 

If you’re not working on two great pitches, on your way to a third effective pitch, it’s time to begin.  Please learn how to throw pitches the right way.  Stupid injuries happen when young pitchers learn how to throw curveballs (and other pitches where the wrist and forearm are rotated) the wrong way.  You can learn numerous solid pitching grips in Dan’s Pitching Grips DVD.  He spends at least fifteen minutes on the curveball alone.



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