Good, Better, and Best Baseball Practices
December 18, 2012
Throw Down on the Ball – Myth or Fact?
January 5, 2013

Imagine if you really knew how to teach your son how to pitch.

Most coaches in little league, high school and some colleges don’t know
how to help your son accomplish his goals on the mound. Nor do most
have the time to teach anyway.

Aside from that, what most coaches are teaching them is wrong!

I am grateful for the time they spend, I am! But at the same time, how do you
know what they teach isn’t going to hurt their arm?

Most likely your son is learning what their coach was taught in little league many years ago.

When creating the pitching mechanics/how to teach pitchers DVD our
focus was on teaching parents and coaches how to teach pitchers correct throwing a way that is simple yet very effective.

In this DVD we explain how to correct most mechanical flaws in the pitching motion and what you need to look for in his motion to truly help him succeed!

Take today’s opportunity and teach your son the correct way to pitch!

Your friends in Baseball,

The Pitching Academy

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