How to Throw a Nasty Curve
July 13, 2012
How To Pitch Like a Major-Leaguer
July 20, 2012

In many of our messages to you this year we have written about keeping your pitching mechanics the same as your fastball when you throw any other pitch. It is imperative that you continue to do that!

The biggest concern we have as pitching coaches is seeing pitchers change their natural arm slot to try and impart more rotation on any pitch. We see this a lot; particularly when throwing a curve.

That being said, the most common mechanical change we see many pitchers make when throwing any off speed pitch is upsetting their own timing of their pitches.

What is timing?

Timing is simply getting your body to do the same thing over and over again to the right place at the correct time. If you explode to foot strike with your fastball, do the same with your changeup. Don’t change the timing of the pitch.

We often see pitchers change the speed of their leg lift when throwing something other than their fastball. This not only ruins your “mojo” it can tip the batters and they will know you are throwing an off speed pitch.

As you work with your all of your pitches, make sure you don’t slow down or speed up any part of your mechanics. Keep the “mojo” working in your favor!

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