Different Off-Speed Pitches
December 27, 2010
The Deadliest Pitch: The Circle Change
December 30, 2010

Many of you know how I feel about Nolan Ryan. Nolan is the greatest pitcher of all time. I think I like him, not only because of what he has accomplished on the mound, but because of his incredible attitude and work ethic. He has a very likeable personality and I think that is one of the reasons why he has such a large fan base. Even Robin Ventura can tell you he appreciates “The Strikeout King”, at least he knows who’s boss.

In this casual interview with Nolan Ryan, Nolan gives some great pointers you can use when your on the mound. if you listen carefully these bits of information will help you become a better all around pitcher.

In our last article we talked about location being important to your success on the mound. Nolan talks about his pitching staff keeping the ball low, working the inside and outside part of the plate and how important movement is. (1:13-1:20)

(2:45-3:01) Nolan discusses how important it is to “believe in your stuff.” Every pitcher in the major leagues can throw hard. They made it there because they have proven they can throw strikes and keep the ball dancing. There is a huge difference between those players that “believe” they deserve to play at that level and believe in themselves. In this section Nolan talks about having a mound presence (confidence) that sends a message to the opposing team. What message are you sending to the opposing team?

Nolan mentions the importance of having a great attitude several times in this short video. If you want to be a leader on your team, and a successful player at any level, it does take a certain positive attitude to get there. Attitudes are contagious, whether good or bad.


In our newest instructional baseball DVD we discuss the importance of attitude on and off the field. Justin Sua and Craig Manning, both members of our advisory board, talk about how important applying the mental game of baseball really is.

In our pitching grips DVD we talk about how to continue to throw strikes with your off-speed pitches. Also learn how to throw these ten pitches with proper pitching mechanics to stay healthy.

It’s time to dust off the old glove and get to work. Spring time is here before you know it.

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