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April 22, 2011
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April 30, 2011

If you’re a hitter, what type of pitcher would you rather face?  One that throws extremely hard and throws a straight changeup that slows down 15 miles an hour?  Or, would you rather face that same pitcher who throws just as hard but comes at you with a change up that’s 8 miles an hour slower yet has a nasty break?

I would choose pitcher number one; I’m certain you would too.   The perfect combination for any pitcher is to have both change of speed and movement.

I see so many pitchers “guiding” their change ups (or off-speed pitches) in for strikes.  Don’t be afraid to throw your change up harder, change of speed comes with proper wrist and forearm angle.  When a C or Circle change is thrown properly you have a deadly combination of movement and change of speed.  Very difficult for any hitter to hit with any power.

Most young pitchers struggle finding movement with their off-speed pitches.  That’s because they modify their pitching mechanics to throw different pitches.  If you want to create more movement with every pitch you need to learn proper release (wrist and forearm angle) for each pitch you throw.  You also need to learn to keep your fastball mechanics with any other pitch you have in your arsenal.

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