Pitchers: Avoid Arm Injuries

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April 26, 2011
Pitch Count! What is Acceptable?
May 2, 2011

More often than not, the best pitchers on most youth baseball teams have a natural ability to throw the ball.  Unfortunately these same pitchers are the ones that are at higher risk of arm injuries because they lack functional strength to carry on the workload of pitching.  The coaches pitch them often, almost too much, because winning seems to be the only thing on their mind.

If you pitch it is vital that you follow a pitching specific workout regimen that will give you the proper strength and flexibility that pitching requires.

To greatly reduce your risk of arm injury it is imperative that you first become fit to pitch.  Get involved in a pitching workout program that includes proper flexibility training, core training, joint integrity training, complete body and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning.

Don’t forget that proper nutrition plays a big role in how you will perform on the mound and how quickly you will recover.  Stay hydrated drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.  Can the soda!  It never has done anyone any good.

In our new pitching series we introduce an excellent in season throwing regimen and show you pitching specific exercises that will improve your strength, stamina and flexibility.  In this series we also demonstrate how to throw properly so you can stay healthy and continue to get more experience on the mound.

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