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July 3, 2012
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July 7, 2012

Today we want to talk about when it’s appropriate to introduce another pitch to any pitcher.

Many coaches and parents contact us regularly to teach their pitchers how to throw an additional pitch or two.

I think its great that they understand you have to throw more than a fastball to be successful.

However, I won’t teach anyone how to throw another pitch unless they can throw with proper pitching mechanics and show consistency with their fastball.

Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to throw off-speed pitches before you can command your fastball and throw it properly:

1) First one is obvious: you are more prone to injury

2) If you can’t control your fastball, how can you control anything else?

3) Poor mechanics lead to poor release: you can’t get the proper rotation you want with any pitch with a poor release point.

4) With inconsistent timing (rhythm), your other pitches will hang or squirt on you. e.g. One day your curveball is spot on and nasty and your next outing you are trying to figure out why you can’t throw it anymore. It’s inconsistent just like your mechanics.

5) If you haven’t put the time and energy learning pitching mechanics, you won’t put in the necessary time to learn how to throw any other pitch correctly. Therefore, you will throw mediocre pitches at best.

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