Mastering The Art of Pitching
April 20, 2010
Teaching Youth Baseball Pitchers Mechanics
April 22, 2010

Perhaps every pitcher wants to learn how to throw faster.  The majority of pitchers who try to speed up the ball end up using more of their throwing arm to do it.  This can cause serious injury and it doesn’t help increase velocity anyway.  So how do you throw faster?

The key to increased velocity is creating more momentum toward home plate.  Pitchers often lose power when their momentum goes in a different direction aside from the direction they are throwing.

Pitching Velocity Tip #1:  Use more of your legs and hips to throw the ball as opposed to relying on your throwing arm for velocity.  This can be accomplished with a longer stride.  Pitchers should stride at least 100% of their height or as far as they can allowing proper hip rotation.  A longer stride produces more momentum; you don’t see pitchers in the major leagues throwing ninety plus miles and hour with a short stride.

Pitching Velocity Tip #2 Lead with your hips!  This means that your hips lead the way toward home plate, not your upper body or your knee.  In this pitching video I explain the difference between a stride and a step.  Many pitchers tend to step (decrease momentum) to foot strike, while others (who throw faster) take an actual stride.

Pitching Velocity Tip #3 Use your landing leg as leverage to increase your momentum to the plate.  Watch this video to see what I mean.

Pitching Mechanics: How To Throw Harder

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