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February 8, 2014
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February 12, 2014

Building PitchersI know your time is valuable so I created a brief but awesome video about the Mental Game of Baseball that can change the way you pitch forever.

As pitchers there are so many things that distract us from our ultimate goal: getting hitters out!

It is so easy to let the failure of our last pitch creep into the next. Pretty soon we find ourselves pitching a few bad innings when all we need to do is reset. We need to forget what we can’t control in the first place which is our last pitch.

We can’t control what happened in the past, only the present.

What’s done is done! That is why pitchers have to learn to play the game one pitch at a time.

Can we let the “success” of our last pitch affect this pitch right here, right now?

Yes, We often do.

For example, when you throw an awesome knee buckling curve ball that gets the attention of not only the embarrassed hitter, but the rest of the crowd in attendance.

We want to throw that same pitch again. The problem is we are still thinking about the “last pitch”. Focus on the present and play the game one pitch at a time.

Here is the awesome video now! 🙂

click here to see it!

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