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May 5, 2014
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May 13, 2014

Have you noticed that baseball players who are happy tend to play longer and achieve more in this great game?

This might sound cheesy but it’s true!  Happiness breeds success; which means happiness can breed confidence in oneself.

Growing up I was surrounded by many great athletes (I, of course, was one of them) 🙂

I was also surrounded by some who were not so great, even though they had every intention of playing in the big leagues one day.  It appeared, and still appears to me today, that the ones who had the most fun made it further than the ones who took it so seriously they stressed themselves out of the game.  The ones who were stressed performed poorly in stressful situations. 🙂 For example, when a scout was there watching them play.

The players who loved the game of baseball so much, had a respect for the game, but overall seemed to be happy; were more relaxed in stressful situations and performed better when scouts were around.

Does that make sense?

Here’s a quote for you.

Success doesn’t bring happiness, happiness brings success!

Do you believe that?

The boys who have fun playing baseball stick to it and succeed.  The boys who have coaches that focus on the positive not the negative, have a higher likelihood to succeed in this great game!

Our goal and focus as coaches and parents should be to encourage not discourage. We should focus on great achievements on the field, not point out the many failures.

Remember, baseball is a game of failure.  Hall of fame hitters fail 7 out of 10 times at the plate.  Hall of fame pitchers fail 50% of the time.  Last I checked 50% in any academic setting is an F. 🙂  Let’s help our kids succeed in a game of failure.

Lets set the standard and help these kids get happy playing this awesome game and bring back it’s popularity.  After all, it’s still America’s pastime.

Your friendS in Baseball,

The Pitching Academy

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