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January 1, 2015
Fastest Way to Pitching Velocity?
January 1, 2015

My favorite Changeup to teach is the Circle Change or C Change. When thrown properly, the ball has a nasty break and the change of speed is just enough to throw off the timing of the most experienced batters. It’s a nasty pitch! One you should become a pro at throwing.

It’s been my experience, after instructing pitchers for a little over 14 years now; that most pitchers grip the pitch correctly but don’t release the pitch the way that will bring them the most success.

In fact, most pitchers just grip the pitch and release it just like their fastball. This is not a changeup! This is just a slow fastball with improper rotation on the ball. Some pitchers can get away with this pitch in little league but not beyond that.

Another fact about this awesome changeup, is that the grip doesn’t matter as much as how you release the pitch. If you are making a circle with your index finger and thumb, then you release the pitch with the circle facing the catcher. When this is done correctly, you impart the right rotation on the ball and you get the correct rotation.

Many pitchers also try to slow this pitch down when it is not necessary. If you release the pitch correctly, the change of speed is automatic. A pitcher shouldn’t slow down their delivery to throw this pitch.

If you want to master this pitch (and many more) I highly recommend you get the pitching grips DVD today! You will blow away your competition.

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