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February 19, 2014
Coaching Pitchers: Throw Hard Strikes
February 28, 2014

So much being taught to youth pitchers is flat out wrong! Many pitchers are taught “skills” that not only lead to poor performance on the mound, they can lead to injury.

Here’s what I mean.

When you were a kid, how many “different ways” had you been taught to throw a curveball? I’m sure you heard of several. Which way is right? Are there really that many ways to throw the pitch?

Here are some of the things being taught about how to throw the curve today:

Right before you release the pitch twist your wrist to impart rotation on the ball.

Bring your arm up higher and pull down on the ball as hard as you can.

Pull the curtain down, karate chop the ball or pull your index finger down while lifting your thumb.

Ensure your arm angle is 90 degrees and snap the ball down.

Sound familiar?

The list is endless about how “not” to throw a curveball.

My question to you today is: how are MLB pitchers throwing it?

Not the way most coaches are instructing their pitchers!
Throwing a curveball doesn’t have to be so complicated. In fact, throwing a curve is quite simple. So simple that most pitchers are amazed how quickly they pick it up when taught correctly.

The exciting thing about ”most off speed pitches” is that they are easier to throw than everybody thinks. Most pitchers make throwing off speed pitches harder than it is because they are practicing how to throw the pitch incorrectly; they are simply taught “not” how to throw the pitch so they never experience great success with it.

Because of what is being taught in your baseball community, I created the pitching grips and workouts DVD. It’s time to learn how MLB pitchers are throwing off speed pitches and getting results; I’ll show you how to get nasty movement on 14 different pitches.

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Make it a great day!
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