Pitching Mechanics: Throwing From The Windup

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September 20, 2011
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September 25, 2011

Can throwing from the windup give you more velocity?  Many pitchers feel a significant difference in velocity when they throw from the windup than from the stretch.  Is it psychological?

If you have been receiving these emails for awhile now you know that a lot of effort goes into throwing a baseball.  There are so many variables to your mechanics that can decrease or increase velocity.

Nolan Ryan once told Tom House (his pitching coach) that he is consistently clocked throwing 3 miles an hour faster when he lifts his leg up to his head as opposed to lifting it only up to his hip.  Typically, the higher the leg lift the longer the stride and the more momentum you will create toward your target.

So, yes!  To answer the question above, most pitchers can throw faster in the windup than from the stretch.  However, it’s not because a pitcher rocks back and forth more; it’s not because a pitcher is “swinging” raring back and firing as we hear many coaches say.

Take a look at our latest video about pitching from the windup.  We give you a ton of pointers about how to keep your balance so you can throw hard strikes.


If you haven’t picked up our pitching mechanics DVD yet now’s your chance.  This week it’s not that it’s just a bargain, it will give you the insight you need to take your game to a higher level.  You will know what to work on everyday to take you to that level.

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