How to Throw Faster: Increase Pitching Velocity

Your Pitching Mechanics Look Like This?
March 9, 2011
March 14, 2011

Would you like to add an additional 5-10 MPH this year? Silly question I know.

How much faster do you think you can throw if you knew what you were doing?  That is a question that I’m sure many of you would like the answer to.  There are many ways to throw faster.  Here are just a few of them in random order.

Pitching Velocity Tips:

1) Make sure you lead with your hips

2) No leaner’s: Don’t drop your shoulder before foot strike

3) Get a decent stride: Shoot for 100% of your height

4) Be aggressive toward home plate; Once you commit to go, take off and explode!

5) Rotate your hips all the way around until release of the Baseball.

6) Stay relaxed when you throw: don’t get uptight or tense

7) Don’t grip the baseball too tight (look at tip #6) Hold it like an egg

8) Maintain balance toward home plate; make sure all momentum is going there

9) Stride, don’t step to foot strike

10) Keep your pivot foot on the ground until release of the baseball

The list goes on and on.  If you really want to start this season off right you need to take the time and learn how to throw the ball correctly.  In our new pitching mechanics DVD we are confident we will teach you how to throw faster, but more importantly we teach you will learn to stay healthy for years to come.  This Pitching DVD is a must have!

A recent testimonial about our instruction and DVD’s:

I have researched hitting and pitching for over 20 years and I think The Pitching Academy has some of the best information I have seen. I have over 100 DVD’s  pitching but your stuff ranks with the best of them. I like the way you guys explain things. (Rod Smith, Illinois)

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