Pitching Mechanics: Arm Problems
September 7, 2011
Pitching Grips Week!
September 12, 2011

How do I throw faster?  That is one of the most common questions we get asked. There are many things to do to help you throw faster and eating a lot of food to try and gain weight is not one of them.  Most pitchers are doing things that keep them from throwing harder; most of them involve poor pitching mechanics.

Conditioning, nutrition, genetics and your mental game also play a role in how fast you throw.  Yes, believe it or not, if you are not conditioned to throw the baseball you will have a hard time maintaining your balance throughout your delivery which makes it impossible to throw correctly.  Being fit to pitch, following a nutrition plan (which is linked to being fit to pitch) and focusing on your mental game directly effect how you will perform. They all affect your pitching mechanics one way or the other.  However, today I just want to focus on throwing faster when it comes to pitching mechanics alone.

Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to ensure you aren’t cheating yourself out of a few miles an hour.


Is my stride long enough or is it too long?

Am I too far opened or too closed in my delivery?

Do I lead with my hips?

what part of my pivot foot do I push off of?

Do I push off the mound to hard?

Does my head stay over my center of gravity “belly button” to foot strike?

Do I used my landing leg as a leveraging tool to propel myself forward?

Do I jump to foot strike?

Does my head drop too much during my delivery?

Do I step instead of stride toward the plate?

Does my leg lift throw me off balance?

Do I stay on the ball of my pivot foot during the leg lift?

Am I relaxed, yet explosive during my delivery?

Do I explode to foot strike?

Is all of my energy going toward home plate?

Do I drop my front elbow after foot strike or pull it down aggressively?

Do I know enough about pitching mechanics to answer these questions correctly and honestly?


There is much to know about how to throw a baseball.  Most pitchers are still throwing the ball just to throw without knowing why they lack control, why they can’t throw faster or why their breaking balls don’t work.  That is the main reason why we created our new DVD series.  Don’t be one of the wish people; wishing and hoping to get better.  The days of being great don’t happen just wishing and hoping.  Take a huge step in the right direction by taking advantage of this weekends offer on our new DVD seriesOffer ends Sunday! We are confident the information you learn will take you to a different level!

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